Friday, May 29, 2009

lovely strawberry

thank you for let me join this event, happy cook :)

thank you for visiting my blog. i am sorry for the google translater. my american friend has told me about that i should have translater for non indonesian speaking. unfortunately, i do not know how to put that gadget at my blog. i haven't found the instruction for dummy. i am just learning to write a blog and to bake also.

before i have it, you do please tell me which recipe that you like to try. i am very sure that i can help you with just a clue.

hi shawn ... tell me how to put the translater here, please :) you may have all the strawberries after that. hehehe ...

saya membuat cake ini dengan penuh semangat. dari buanyak buanget telur. hasilnya alhamdulillah bagus. matangnya rata dan warnanya pun rata. sponge cake yang lembut, empuk dan wangi jeruk. karena diniatkan sebagai tanda terima kasih untuk orang yang sudah membantu menyelesaikan tugas saya, jadi tidak bisa dipotong. dan saya juga tidak punya nyali untuk bertanya apakah beliau dan teamnya menyukai cake ini atau tidak. semoga saja suka.

strawberrynya yang organik. tadinya saya tidak tahu apa bedanya strawberry biasa dengan yang organik selain warnanya yang lebih tua. ternyata, strawberry yang organik mempunyai kandungan air yang lebih rendah, sedikit lebih manis, warnanya merah lebih tua, dan mungkin karena kandungan air yang lebih sedikit tadi, membuat lebih awet terutama dalam lemari es.

resep sponge cakenya dari buku SEDAP " Variasi Kue Lapis" . saya akan membuatnya lagi lebih baik dan membuat foto potongan kuenya supaya terlihat tekstur dan terbayang enaknya. hehehe :D


♥Rosie♥ said...

Hi Novia, it was my pleasure to visit your blog and thank you visiting Baking Cakes Galore once again. It is always lovely to *see* you there :0)

Happy Cook would really like you to join in her event Strawberry Feast @ My Kitchen treasures. It is open to all.

Oh I fully understand about learning Blogger and adding widgets to a site, I am self taught too :0) Just in case you would wish to add a Google Translator in the future I hope this will help below.

To put a Google translator on your bog click on this link:
Copy and save the Google HMTL code to a word document. Sign into Blogger, go into your layout page, and click on Add Gadget. A box will pop up now look down the list for HMTL and click which will bring up another box called Configure HTML/JavaScript. Paste the saved Google HMTL code from word into the large box under the word saying content. Click save and view blog and you should see the Google Translate box on your blog.

Viewing your baked goods, they really are beautiful and you have such talent.

The baking, I am always happy to help you at anytime and of course, we have Sweet & Simple Bakes that Maria and I host. You are most welcome anytime to join in and bake with us.

Best wishes Rosie

♥Rosie♥ said...

Oh great you've joined Happy Cooks event with your lovely strawberry cake. It looks wonderful - well done!

best wishes Rosie

Anonymous said...

Nupiiii...kethoke yummi tenan ik ! Seenak penampakannya kah ? Good job, girl ! I miss you !

Anonymous said...

Kethoke enak tenan. Apakah seenak penampakannya ? Good job girl !! miss ya.